Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Our Sheep

This past spring we made the decision to diversify our farm and begin raising sheep. We did our research on different breeds of sheep and decided on Tunis. We set out to incorporate some of the best Tunis genetics we could find into our new, small flock. We purchased some ewes in sales and private treaty off farms. We traveled to the Schambow's Cass Hollow Tunis to purchase our ram. We purchased ewes from Wooly Hollow Farm, Garey Tunis, RQL farm, and JET Tunis.

We are quite proud of our little Tunis flock, are excited to show at fairs and NAILE this fall, and are anxious to see some little red lambs running around the farm next spring!

Our plan is to raise and market spring lambs next year, and in hopes of having January and February   lambs we turned our ram in with the ewes last month.