Monday, November 12, 2018

Being spectators

When we started our sheep venture in 2015 one thing that was important to us was to raise quality stock that would be competitive on all levels. With both of us growing up showing livestock we knew that we'd want our kids to one day be able to show as well and we wanted them to be able to be competitive at any level with raised lambs. Showing sheep has proven to be vital to marketing our lambs, but this year has been a bit different... with the arrival of Neely in December we have had to cut back on our shows and therefore we decided to not show at NAILE this year. We decided that we would be spectators for 2018. We enjoyed our time at the 2018 NAILE visiting old friends and making new ones, and can't wait till this little girl is on the green shavings herself! We'll see ya in 2019 NAILE!