Thursday, March 31, 2016

Breeding for Fall Lambs

Today we implanted CIDRs in our ewes to induce estrus and breed for fall lambs. Sheep of course are typically seasonal breeders and ewes will only ovulate in the fall. In order for ewes to ovulate in the spring, and breed out of season, they need alittle help... To do this we will use a 12 day CIDR protocol.

We will adhere to this schedule:
Day 0 - implant CIDR
Day 12 - remove CIDR, Inject with PG600, and turn in ram

A CIDR is a T-shaped nylon insert molded with a silicone rubber skin containing progesterone that’s released at a controlled rate into the bloodstream after insertion; sheep CIDRs contain 0.3g progesterone per insert.

The CIDR is inserted into the ewe's vagina and the wings of a CIDR fold together for intravaginal insertion. Once inserted, the wings return to their original T-shape and apply pressure to the vaginal walls, thereby holding the CIDR in place. CIDRs are removed following the treatment period of 12 to 14 days by simply pulling the plastic tail protruding from the vulva.  After CIDR removal, a rapid drop in progesterone occurs, promoting estrus. We will also inject the ewes with PG600 at this time. PG600 will help stimulate follicle development.